World Economy Falling Apart: Where Do We Find Salvation from Crisis?


In an economic crisis, simple folk are the ones that suffer the most, even though they lack money for simple things. Do you want to know 5 signs of economic depression and find salvation from the crisis? Read this article.

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How Do You Do Charity?


Charity is the basis of MMM. We call upon each of you to help those in need. Read here how you can really help and avoid fraudsters.

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What Should You Do if You Receive a Bank Transfer by Mistake


If you suddenly receive an unexpected transfer to your bank card, don't be in a hurry to spend this money. Maybe, the transfer has been made by mistake. Read this article to find out what you should do in this situation.

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Measures to Eliminate Delay with Orders Matching


Dear members:

Please be informed that due to that Get Help (GH) volumes exceeded Provide Help (PH) volumes and it caused a delay with matching requests to get help, the System has to make Mavros acquired up to August 5 not available for withdrawal. Mavro acquired after August 5 can be withdrawn as usual. Now, since PH and GH volumes will be balanced, when someone creates a request to withdraw Mavros acquired after August 5, his request will be immediately dispatched. As the freezing does not apply to Mavro-100%, you may withdraw your confirmed Mavro-100% now in accordance with weekly maximums and make sure that it works.

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