A 1000 Mavro-Naira Gift for Every Newly Registered


It has already been one year since the MMM Community brought Nigerians together to help each other and change their lives for the better.  To celebrate this first anniversary, NMMM Nigeria announces a new promo. Every person who will register in MMM in the period from November 24 up to November 30 will be awarded 1000 Mavro-Naira as a gift. No need even to provide help to receive this gift: a person just needs to sign up in the Community during this period and add his/her bank account details in the Personal Office. After a while the amount of 1000 Mavro-NGN will be automatically awarded to his/her PO account.

The purpose of the offer is to give each registered person an opportunity to get help from another MMM member instantly after registration, and make sure that MMM works and people really help each other here.

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MMM Community Development Task: Share Positive Articles about MMM Nigeria


The MMM Community is growing. More and more people understand the ideas of MMM. And there are a lot of positive publications in the media. MMM members take care of and assist hospital patients and IDPs. There are also publications that MMM had been contemplated and it has been concluded that promoters of the scheme have not committed any crime. Let’s share these articles with others

Read and comment on articles. Share articles in social networks.

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